Elegance & Glamour Affair

The Elegance & Glamour affair invites you to the Mothers Day silver service 3 course dinner show & dance on the 30 March 2019 at the Grand Palace Banqueting Suite 242 High Road Wood Green N22 8JX. Dinner is served at 8pm with complementary bottles of wine on your dressed table all courtesy of Caribbean Eatery caterers. (Please try to be on time) Dinner will be concluded at 10pm.

For dinner tickets only available from Papa George call 07534576385 There will be a grand raffle  code for dinner guest. Elegance Gents, dinner suit attire. Glamorous Ladies in evening gown attire. Dance only: Casual but Cris.

Absolutely No Jeans, Trainers, Streetwear or base ball caps headwear. You can also pay for your drinks by credit or debit card at this event. Hope you can make it. Papa George say Thank you for your never ending support.

The founders have long standing reputations in events management and are known for their exquisite surroundings for the more refined people thereby creating a stimulating ambience for all patrons of class. I have been doing functions for many years and have found it to be quite an experience. Over the last 25 years I have been formally playing music both for the young and the old. Raving was the event in the early days, but people got fed up of the dances where you stand in a corner and nothing special was happening except watching others come and go and no special attraction. When you did get a special attraction you would pay a lot of money just to see an artiste for a couple of songs, now things have changed a little and the audience who frequent the Elegance & Glamour Affair functions get a good deal for a pleasant night out.

We have recently done a charity event for the ACLT (Afro Caribbean Leukaemia Trust) with artiste like Janet Kaye – Carol Thompson & Victor Romeo Evans who all took Elegance & Glamour to another level and that’s what we are all about, good quality entertainment.

We are currently looking for formidable charities to fund raise for and work closely with for future coming events.